Martha Beauchamp
The Quilted Jardin
117 Corey Dr.
North Bennington, VT 05257
Fabric Artist History

My fabric art business, The Quilted Jardin, is woven from the generations of my family. The threads of my skill and love for sewing reach back to my mother who sewed all my clothes as I grew up and taught me how to sew... and beyond to my grandmother, a seamstress in the early 1900's. The transformation from a Midwest City girl to a country woman parallels my father's journey from a "barrio" in Puerto Rico to the big cities stateside and then to upstate New York after his second grandchild was born. After years of sewing quilts, stuffed animals, and snowmen for my children, family, and friends, I found myself with that "twitch to sew," looking for something new. This time it was images of landscapes, those glorious places that lingered in my memory and imagination. My children encouraged me to sell them. My daughter designed my logo and soon we had put the family "stamp of approval" on the name. The Quilted Jardin was a-bloom.

One day my daughter emailed me several photos of a hike in the North Cascades Mountains with her graduate school program. These called out to be transformed into fabric. The results were beyond my wildest imagination. I was painting with material and threads, combining her photographs with my fabric wall hangings.

My journey as a fabric artist has gone from landscapes to houses and then to pet and people portraits. Each new venture came about by a customer asking "Do you do pictures of ..? Would you?"

In my professional life, I have worked with youth, HIV-positive individuals and their families, and children in foster care. Having lived in the "boonies" of East Galway, NY for 37 years, in one fell swoop I sold my house, moved to Vermont, and retired. My journey's path now involves fabric, family, and farm.

May your purchase from The Quilted Jardin bring you serenity each time you view it.

Phone: (802) 445-5688
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