Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do a picture of my ___?
I create landscape scenes, buildings/structures, pet portraits,
and children's drawings. For people, I can do silhouettes of
people or outlines of their faces at regular custom prices. A
human portrait is an additional cost. If in doubt, email me the
photo anyway. If I am unable to do the design, I will let you know.

How long will it take to make a custom fabric art piece?
Usually a custom work will be completed within 4 weeks. The
consideration factors are the complexity of the design and whether or not
I have the comparable fabrics already here.

How does my picture go on the wall?
Your art piece can be mounted on canvas or made into a matted picture,
wallhanging, or just a fabric picture for you to frame. For matted pictures,
you need to provide the frame. The wallhangings have a hanging sleeve
on the back of the piece. If you would prefer material tabs, let me know. A
dowel is used for hanging within the material sleeve, and they can be found
at any art or craft store.

How much does a custom fabric picture cost?
The cost of each custom work depends upon the complexity of the image,
the size, and the fabric. Pieces on the smaller side (under 18"x18") start at $135,
not including sales tax, shipping, and insurance.

How do I pay for this?
I can accept credit cards (Mastercard and Visa), personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, or Paypal- direct bank transfer. I require full payment prior to beginning work on the piece.

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Custom Orders

Turn your favorite pet picture or photo memory into a work of art!

The fabric art piece I design is an interpretation of your picture. It will be recognizable as the original photograph but will not be an exact replica. My creation process includes at least one pictoral e-mail to you for design comments, such as "the mountain on the left needs to have a slightly higher slope." It is important to me that this fabric picture brings a similar feeling to you as your special memory or place.

Example of a matted picture