Custom Fabric Pet Portraits and Memorials

cartoon of dog and cat looking at fabric pet portraits of dog and cat on a wall and the Quilted Jardin logo
cartoon dog and cat looking at custom fabric picture of dog on wall and The Quilted Jardin logo


Absolutely adore that furry member of your family? A fabric pet portrait from a photograph is an amazing way to show your devotion or remember a beloved pet that has passed away. This style of animal art portraits, combining fabric and threads, brings forth the spirit of your pet.

For those who have lost a pet, the customer involvement in the creation process offers a sense of healing.

original photo of cat and dog and their final pet portraits
photo of dog and final product of fabric custom pet pillow

Hi, I’m Martha

I am the owner/fabric artist behind the Quilted Jardin. What began as landscape fabric collages in 2006 has evolved into my specialty of custom pet portraits and pet memorials. It brings me joy to create works of art and remembrance that feature the beloved animals of individuals.

Martha holding several fabric pictures

Together we reflect your pet’s spirit

The creation of your pet portrait is highly individualized. You choose a general background color or the setting your pet loves/loved best: forest, beach, mountains, grasslands, etc. The ability to combine several photos into the design for your fabric picture means you don’t need a perfect photo to start the process.

The interactive process of sharing several photos and providing feedback throughout the creation ensures a personalized portrait. Clients have shared that they look forward to each round of progress photos as they watch their pet come to life.

Please browse through my portfolio of custom pieces and check out what others have said about my work throughout my website. I would be honored to create a pet portrait or pet memorial for you or someone you care about.

They loved the picture of Hailey! It went on the wall immediately. It was just the present I had hoped it would be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt! I can’t wait to hang it up when we move. Brody went right up to his bandana on the quilt when I showed them!


Kitchy and my daughter have been like two peas in a pod. Thanks again for the beautiful pillow, as it is a true work of art and made my daughter very happy.



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