Custom Pet Portraits

Whether your custom pet portrait is for yourself, family members, or a friend, I would be honored to create your animal’s likeness in fabric.

The creation process begins with your clear photograph, then you make format decisions. Would you like a wall hanging, pillow, or matted picture? Will it be mounted on canvas or do you plan to frame it at home? What background color do you prefer?

I will send you photos of each step in the process for you to suggest tweaking along the way. You continue to review drafts until you give a stamp of approval. I then ship the pet portrait to you.

Check out the pet portrait FAQs for more information!

It’s a masterpiece. We were so excited when we saw the package by our door. We were like two kids. We love it. It is beautiful. Thank you so much.

EVERYONE was amazed!!!!! Actually Max was here as well so it was easy to see how accurately you captured him! I can’t say how amazed I am with your work!!!!! Thank you again and again!

Roxy looks adorable!!! She is perfect as is!