Pet Memorial Portraits

white dog swimming as pet portrait

The loss of a pet is heart wrenching. You often find yourself looking around for that furry companion and friend who is no longer there.

Whether your pet memorial portrait is for yourself, family members, or a friend, I would be honored to create the animal’s likeness in fabric.

As a sympathy gift for someone grieving the loss of their pet, this shows your thoughtfulness and empathy for that loss. Helping the recipient keep their beloved pet’s memory alive is a compassionate and comforting gesture on your part in the midst of their sorrow and loss.

The Healing Power of a Pet Memorial Portrait

Your participation in the decisions regarding the creation of your memorial piece (such as background color and providing feedback to the drafts) allows for a healing process. Sharing memories and your pet’s personality assists me to infuse his or her personality into the final fabric portrait. I have been able to capture the spirits of animals, the “old gentle soul” to the “bouncer,” through the fabric and thread choices. I have written a blog post that speaks of this healing process.

Many customers report that they cry or have tears well up as they view the photos I sent them, especially as the portrait progresses. It is my belief that this is a healthy aspect of pet grief. I consider myself honored to be a part of the healing process for you or a friend.

The Creation Process

The creation process begins with your clear photograph, then you make format decisions. I will send you photos of each step in the process for you to suggest tweaking along the way. You continue to review drafts until you give a stamp of approval. I then ship your pet portrait.

The Making of Cooper describes and has photographs of the complete process.

Completed Portrait or Gift Certificate?

If you want to comfort a friend with a pet memorial but aren’t sure what photograph they’d like to use as a reference photo, you can purchase a gift certificate. I will then work with that person to create their memorial piece. You can receive updates if you wish.


Go here for pet portrait FAQs.


To order, contact Martha.

dog memorial pillow gift
heart pocket on back of pet memorial pillow

I think it looks awesome and I shared it with her daughter and she thinks the same thing. We think her mom is going to love it!

I saw Shiloh’s picture there in your Look-Book. It made me cry as I lost him this past year. I am so grateful that I have the wall-hanging you made when he was alive in my living room. Each time I look at it, I think of him. Thank you so much.


Oh Martha, it’s PERFECT! This is going to be one of those gifts that has everyone in tears. I’m tearing up right now thinking about the joy it will bring my parents! Thank you.