Pick a Peck of Peppers


  • 12″ x 12″ canvas
  • Ready to hang
  • Batik and cotton fabric
  • Machine applique

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Such a variety of colors and shapes of farm fresh peppers grow on the farm. A basket at the market stand entices customers to come and purchase such crisp goodness. Can’t you just taste the crunchiness of biting into a newly picked pepper?

This canvas-mounted pepper art piece would make a striking addition to a kitchen or dining room, whether it graces your home or is given as a treasured gift for a friend. Created from cotton and batik fabric, it is ready to go right from the delivery box to your mouth…. oh, I mean your wall.

These peppers look great with other vegetables!


Size: 12" x 12" mounted on canvas with wire for hanging
Material: Batik and cotton fabrics, thread, canvas, wire
Care: Light vacuuming or touch up with sticky roller. Detailed care instructions enclosed with each piece.
Shipping: Will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail/Insured.