fabric picture of dog on pillow as pet memorial present

Chip has arrived and he is stunning! Amazing to see him in person. It was such a treat to carefully unwrap him. Such a beautiful and thoughtful package. I just love him, and I know they will too! The first thing I did was to hug him! I can’t thank you enough for doing this…. with such care and creativity.


Fabric pet picture of grey and white cat on a pink pillow on ivory chair
Reference photo for grey and white fluffy cat for pet portrait
Close-up view of fabric pet portrait of grey and white cat on a pink pillow

Gave Wispa to my daughter yesterday. She was speechless! And it was so good to see the finished product (for me). Pictures didn’t do it justice!


gift for pet memorial pillow with dog face fabric

I can’t thank you enough for making Ersa for my friend. We are hoping for the best, yet I know that should Ersa pass away this pillow will comfort her forever.


Original picture of dog for pet portrait
fabric picture of two dogs on grass
Original picture of dog for pet portrait

Thank you again for making this gift possible. I know that there will be more than a few appreciative tears when she opens it.

(Upon receiving) There were tears all around, including myself even though I had already seen it.


reference photo of cat for pet portrait
two fabric pillows of cat faces
reference photo of cat for pet portrait

(In process) Bravo, Martha! The threading on Paul’s body captures the white fur fading to gray really well. I can’t wait to see the pillows in action!

(Upon receiving) Lincoln (and Shelby) absolutely LOVED the pillows. He was very touched because he felt the gift was thoughtful. He and Shelby love their pets.

Shelby and Sally

original photo of dog for custom pet portrait
custom dog fabric pet portrait of white and brown dog

He found out about it before the wall hanging got here and he can’t wait to see it!

(Upon receiving) He was so happy to see his Gemma. Thank you for making such a beautiful wall hanging of her.


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